Why Sponsor Us

For the value of gaining worldwide exposure for your brand which is a great way to market your company and product. You will have access to use our marketing platform to gain exposure for your contribution toward our campaign.

Our Marketing strategy will Include but not be limited to:
  • Radio exposure
  • Website
  • Social Media marketing
  • Branding visuals leading up to and during the race
  • Newspaper articles
  • Your branding used throughout the events to raise awareness.

What type of Sponsorship do we need


A financial contribution will assist us to be able to manage the costs of the training program and to participate in each leg.

Medicine & Nutrition aide

Having medication and nutrition aide will assist us in maintaining high energy levels which is a requirement when completing this event. There will be continuous brand exposure for all the products used.

Clothing & Accessories

Should the sponsor provide clothes, shoes, sunglasses etc. such items may receive exposure during the race but are subject to the contractual obligations set by Clipper Ventures and any main sponsor.