Sailing For Diabetes

Clipper Race

Your illness does not define you. Your Strength & Courage does.

About Us

Eddie Crane is a type 2 diabetic with the belief that his condition should not control his passion for the ocean and love for sailing.  He wants to share his journey with the world and other diabetics so that they can feel empowered.


The life of a Sailor is Sail – Sleep -Repeat

As a crew member you will be trained as an ocean racer, working as a team to be a self sufficient unit capable of taking care of any situation, no matter what the conditions.

Around Forty Percent of crew have never Sailed Before.

A core element of the Race experience is our pioneering training programme that enables novices and skilled yachts – people to tackle the most challenging situation on the planet

Crews around the world are taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

Our Goal
We would ultimately work to compete in as many legs as possible to allow for maximum exposure.

The Event

We are tackling the 19-20 race and it is done by everyday individuals. The world’s longest yacht race.